Movie: A Plastic Ocean Saturday, June 15 @ 11:00 AM

“We live in a world of plastic. Shopping bags, drink bottles, your toothbrush and even your clothes are among the everyday items made from plastic. But plastic isn’t fantastic, and neither is the current state of our environment.

Humans have been mass-producing plastic since the 1950s. We produce hundreds of millions of tons of plastic every year and production is only increasing. Unfortunately, most of it is used only once and then thrown away.

Only a small proportion of plastic is recycled. The majority ends up in landfill or, in the worst case scenario, our oceans.

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary film directed by the Australian journalist Craig Leeson. It dives into and investigates the devastating impacts that plastic has caused to our environment, especially our marine life.

What starts off as an adventure to film the blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, leads to the shocking discovery of a thick layer of plastic debris floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Craig, alongside Tanya Streeter, a world record-breaking free diver and environmental activist, then travel across the globe to report on the havoc caused by decades of plastic use.


Stephen Foster’s Music & Mark Twain’s Wit 5/29 @ 6PM

Please join us for an uplifting evening of music and words with Ed Sweeney (guitarist, banjo player, singer) & Mary King (harp, mountain dulcimer, fiddle). Using Foster’s music and Twain’s writings as the basis, Sweeney & King create a heartwarming environment that will have your toes tapping and your mind working.


Author Talk, Mai Donohue Saturday, May 18, 11:00 AM

“This vivid, compulsively readable memoir of courage, grief and redemption illuminates the life of Mai, a young girl from Vietnam’s rice fields, who risks everything to escape poverty, abuse and war.”

Please join us for this special author talk this Saturday, no registration is required and refreshments will be served!


Make your Yard a Pollinator Oasis with Beekeeper, Scott Langlais, May 22: 5:30 pm

Scott Langlais is the Vice President of the Rhode Island Beekeepers Association and is an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper. He and his wife, Emily, produce honey and beeswax products under the name of  Bare Hand Apiary in Johnston, RI. His focus is on sustainable beekeeping practices, working in harmony with honey bees and the natural world.
The title of his talk is “Making Your Yard a Pollinator Oasis: Tips for Welcoming Honey Bees, Butterflies, and Native Bees to Your Garden.” The media has been declaiming the “plight of the honey bee” and the need to “SAVE THE BEES!” for years. You may have wondered about keeping bees in your backyard, what plants are best for bees, or how to reduce your impact on stressed pollinator populations. This talk, although focused on honeybees, will offer simple, inexpensive solutions to making your yard more hospitable to all of our native pollinators as well.


Scholarships Available

A wide variety of merit-based scholarships are available from the Little Compton Garden Club through the Garden Club of America. Students are encouraged to contact the Brownell Library to find out more about these opportunities as well as other Scholarships that might be available.