Backyard Composting Made Simple with Vivian Shaull – July 27 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

What is compost, why should we compost, what are the benefits, what are simple ways to compost in your own backyard? All these questions will be answered and more during a presentation on Backyard Composting Made Simple. Learn how to turn your food scraps into black gold for your garden. Vivian Shaull is a life-long gardener who became a URI Master Gardener in 2014, logging over 1500 volunteer hours. Vivian has worked as a Soil Tester, Kiosk leader, on the Hotline, a co-leader at a community garden, and a mentor to Master Gardener interns. Vivian also served on the Master Gardener Council as the Educational Services Co-coordinator in charge of Hotline and Soil Testing for the state. Vivian enjoys all types of gardening and specializes in organic vegetable, perennial, and container gardening.